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Announcing JAGFEST 2024

Can you believe it?!? 25 years ago, aspiring hobby developer Carl Forhan launched Songbird Productions and hosted an event called JagFest in June 1999. The fan-led event has appeared off and on over the years, even in Europe as e-JagFest, but that was the only event hosted by Songbird… until NOW. Songbird is pleased to […]

Introducing Towers II Enhanced for the Jaguar

Songbird is excited to announce the upcoming release of Towers II Enhanced Stargazer Edition for the Jaguar. The game was fully remastered by the original development team at JV Games, and includes numerous features such as improved frame rate, 16-bit CRY graphics with light-sourcing, in-game audio for NPC encounters, and more storage for game saves. […]

Asteroite update

When we shipped our first wave of Asteroite carts in March 2022, several customers immediately noticed game-crashing bugs in the first few minutes of gameplay. This was a complete surprise, as we had never seen the game crash after multiple people had playtested the game from start to finish. It turns out that some Jaguar […]