Asteroite update

When we shipped our first wave of Asteroite carts in March 2022, several customers immediately noticed game-crashing bugs in the first few minutes of gameplay. This was a complete surprise, as we had never seen the game crash after multiple people had playtested the game from start to finish. It turns out that some Jaguar units (apparently at least some “K” model Jaguars) don’t initialize RAM the same as others, which allowed some game bugs to slip by unnoticed during our beta test. Those bugs have been fixed in our version 1.4 ROM, and we are now shipping the updated version on all orders, as well as providing cartridge updates to any Songbird customer that requests it.

You can tell if you have the updated ROM by looking at the title screen. If you see a purple V1.4 in the bottom center of the screen, then you have the updated version. If not, then you have the original version.

If you ordered direct from Songbird, and would like the updated version, Songbird will replace your cart free of charge. Note that you must return your original cartridge before you will receive a replacement. Here is the process:

  1. Return the cartridge only (you keep the box and manual) to:
    Songbird Productions
    1736 Chippewa Drive NW
    Rochester, MN 55901
  2. Provide a brief written or printed note with the cart including your name, email, and order number.
  3. Wait patiently for a new cart to arrive. 🙂

We will gladly replace any cartridge, regardless if you hit the crash or not. That way you’ll have the most reliable version of the game possible. Note that if you receive a cart from another vendor, then you should work with that vendor directly to get a replacement.

Thanks to everyone for being so understanding during this process! We really appreciate your patience. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.