Kings of Edom arrives on the Jaguar on Oct 26

UPDATE: Second run announced for Dec 7, 2021. Reserve your copy today!

Songbird Productions is pleased to announce pre-orders are open for Kings of Edom for the Atari Jaguar. First run is limited to 100 carts. Orders will start shipping by Oct 26, 2021.

Kings of Edom is a fantasy adventure that places you as the lone hero exploring twelve levels of mazes in your quest to find the lost crowns. Each game is unique, as an ancient spell causes the maze to bend and swirl into a new challenge when you start a new game. Monsters and traps will hinder your journey, while treasures of steel and magic will allow you to grow in might. The goal of the game is to retrieve 11 lost crowns, which will require many journeys through the dungeon. Once you have all the crowns, find the white star and perform the ritual to honor the kings.

The game was developed exclusively for the Jaguar by Phoboz, who made a strong showing with other recent Jaguar games such as Wormhole 2000 and SpideXKings of Edom includes a cartridge, box, and full-color 16-page manual.


Back of box game text:

Many brave souls have entered the treacherous ruins, but thus far, none have returned. They all seek the same reward: the lost crowns of the Kings of Edom. It was thirty-five years ago the legions from the south broke our defenses and scattered the crowns throughout their winding maze of rock and pillar, swamp and fire. Only by wit and cunning can one hope to survive, let alone succeed. But succeed you must, for the glory of the kings of old and the honor of your people.

Now you stand at the threshold, and the brooding dungeon beckons you. Do you dare accept the challenge?

NOTE: International shipping to Australia is currently suspended except for USPS Global Express which is quite expensive. We’ll resume our regular international shipping rates to Australia once the shipping options improve.

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