Iron Soldier 3 for NUON is shipping now!

UPDATE 2/2/2021:
We reached 100 pre-orders! Game is shipping now, and some extra copies of IS3 are still available for a limited time.

UPDATE 1/18/2021:
About 90 pre-orders so far. Let’s push to make it 100 by Jan 22 with the $5 discount! Spread the word. 🙂

UPDATE 1/4/2021:
Pre-order page is now open! No need to fill out the sign-up page any longer. Get an automatic $5 discount if you pre-order by Jan 22. Spread the word!

UPDATE 12/28/2020:
Over 120 sign-ups so far. Thanks for all the support! This project is CONFIRMED for a 2021 release. 🙂

Masters have been submitted for production and proofs are being reviewed. Sign-ups will close soon in favor of an actual pre-order page. Expect this release by March 2021.

Keep checking this page for the latest news on the IS3 NUON release! We’ll update it regularly throughout the process.

Songbird recently announced the intent to reprint the very elusive Iron Soldier 3 for NUON DVD systems in 2021. We need 100 sign-ups to make it happen, however. If you’d like to show your support or see more details about the release, get on the wait list now: