Four new Evercade carts for pre-order

The big news this week is all Evercade! We’ve got four new carts now available for pre-order at Songbird: Jaleco #1 and Piko #2 coming in April, then Indie Heroes #1 and Worms #1 arriving in May. Pre-order them all at once, or in separate orders depending on how you want them to arrive.

Also, some Evercade carts are in short supply or already on back-order until April. Be sure to snag your copy of Xeno Crisis or the Lynx Collections before they get away! Any order including a game on back-order will be held until our restock arrives in April.

1 thoughts on “Four new Evercade carts for pre-order

  1. slopez5 says:

    I am looking forward to Indie collection, and also Piko collection 2. I had such a great time with Piko collection 1. I really wish that it was possible to get another Lynx collection.

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