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The Atari Lynx is a phenomonal handheld gaming system introduced by Atari way back in 1989. Though it blew away almost all of the competiton, it never really caught on with the general public.

Now, twelve years later, Atari is but a shadow of its former self ("Shadows of the Empire?" :-) ), and the Lynx is all but forgotten. Many devoted fans still exist, as with any platform, but it's also true that the lifeblood of any platform is new software.

That's where we come in. I am part of a small group of dedicated Atari fans that has taken on the challenge of writing new games for the Lynx. It's a slow, laborious process -- we only have a few scant hours of free time each week, and for a novice like myself, it's tough to decipher the Lynx hardware and documentation, and learn all the tricks one needs to create a viable game.

But progress is being made. See for yourself in the sections below... these are real games running on a real Lynx, programmed by yours truly or other fine programmers...

To that end, Songbird Productions has been formed to sustain the Lynx and Jaguar into the next millenium. Not only is this an avenue to publish my own development efforts, but it also provides opportunity for other hobby developers to get their games published as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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