Planar Wars

Last updated 07/23/97

A Stellar Conflict Emerges...

Songbird Productions mixes arcade action with a stellar theme to yield Planar Wars. Up to four players can link up to feast on this overhead spaceship combat game, featuring lasers, missiles, and other special power-ups to differentiate the available ships. Other highlights include a radar to help you locate your enemies, status bars to track your ship, and a parallax scrolling starfield on which you can blast your buddies back to their launch pad.

The basic game engine will feature your ship centered on the screen, while your opponents and the parallax starfield scroll around you to simulate motion. The game will also incorporate some simple laws of momentum, where your ship will continue to coast until you reverse directions and burn your engines to decelerate.

A radar in the corner of the screen will help guide you to your opponents in the oversized playfield. The gameplay will focus on the multiplayer aspect in an arcade-styled free-for-all; don't expect a level- or mission-based game here!

Title screen 30%
Options screen 0%
Gameplay/graphics 20%
Performance tuning 0%
Controls 20%
Sound effects 0%
Comlynx (4P) 0%

A glimpse of the animated title screen Arcade action for multiple players!

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