Last updated 06/28/99

The Trump Shall Sound...

SFX is an exciting, new audio tool for the Lynx. Perfect for the hobbyist developer or the curious tinkerer, this sound utility will allow you direct control over the four audio channels available on the Lynx. You can adjust volumes, frequencies, waveforms, and more. With just a few moments of effort, you'll be hearing familiar engine hums, rumbling explosions, and computer garbles. Blend several channels together at once, tinker with them on the fly -- it's all possible with SFX!

What do I get when I order SFX?


Title screen 100%
Options screen N/A
Gameplay/graphics 100%
Performance tuning N/A
Controls 100%
Sound effects 100%
Comlynx N/A

The title screen (picture available soon) The interface screen... you can adjust registers while the sound is being generated (very cool)

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