Lynx-TV Adapter

The Lynx-TV adapter is an exciting new piece of hardware being produced by Wizztronics, a long-time Atari supporter! This device will allow your modified Lynx to be played on the screen of your TV.

The device is currently undergoing final testing, and was recently demoed in prototype form at World of Atari '98.

08/25/98 New! The "Lynx Vision" (as Wizztronics has named it) was demoed at World of Atari '98. Most reports so far indicate people were impressed by the quality of the picture and sound. Look for video clips of Lynx games from the Lynx Vision on the World of Atari '98 video.
07/31/98 Latest info direct from Wizztronics:

Yes we will be offering a complete package with LYNX,Convertor (installed) and a group of software. We have not considered the price as yet.

The final price [$99-125] will depend on our manufacturing costs, if we take this unit as an external box it increases the cost significantly, we are working on having it fit directly into the LYNX.

Although we cannot support vertical games we do handle the Flipped screen, what ever you see on the LYNX you will see on the TV or Monitor.

Everything [all buttons, ports, etc.] will remain fully functional, the only effect the adapter will have will be the ability to play it on the big screen.


Wizztronics recently announced an adapter that will allow you to play your Lynx games on the big screen. I contacted them, asking for more info, and here are some excerpts from the reply I received:


The Lynx Converter has been under development since November 97, we have made several proto types that work quite well and certainly had many problems both with sound and display. All problems have been corrected and now we are trying to simplify the installation as well as shrink the design to fit inside the LYNX.

During the next few weeks, we will make the determination of where the actual unit will reside.
1) inside the LYNX or
2) in a small box outside the LYNX.

The installation has been made very easy however some soldering will be necessary 1 wire and 15 solder points to a connector in your current LYNX. Total install time should be less than 15 minutes for a novice *(with soldering Capabilities).

We will not be offering it for sale before the WoA98 show in Las Vegas on August 22 and 23. It is our hope that we will have quantity available at the show.

The final price has not been determined yet, we are expecting around 99.00 to 125.00.

We have maintained screen aspect ratios.

Stereo sound output is the final part to finish if your TV, VCR or A/V Amplified stereo controller for an entertainment system permits.
(Currently being tested)


Phone 011-516-473-2507
Fax 011-516-331-3841


This is exciting news to say the least! Who would have expected a hardware add-on like this for the Lynx in 1998?

Stay tuned to Wizztronics and The Lynx Domain for more details as they emerge!

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