Battlemorph for the Jaguar

As you may have read in our recent newsletter, Songbird acquired the rights to Battlemorph for the Atari Jaguar last year. Now it’s time to do something with it. Thinking about making a soundtrack CD in addition to a reprint of the original Jaguar CD game. And if we dare to dream bigger, there could even be a cartridge version coming in 2021 or later!

But first, we want to hear from you about the CD option, as this would get the game back into the hands of Atari fans at a lower price and quicker timeline than a potential cartridge port. So let us know what you think!

YouTube channel

Did you know Songbird has a YouTube channel? It’s just getting started, but if you’d like to see more, again, let us know! We’d love to create more videos showcasing the games, the technology, and the people behind the hobby if the demand is there. And be sure to subscribe!