New Lynx games for 2020

Avid fans know Songbird announced two new Lynx games in the Fall of 2019: Biniax 2 and Xump. These were originally slated for a Dec 2019 release, but got pushed back.

Coming soon for the Lynx!

Part of the challenge of getting new games made is manufacturing. To ensure that all Songbird Lynx games going forward can be in the classic curved-lip cartridge style, I had to invest in getting an injection mold made. The first cartridge samples arrived a couple weeks ago, and while they’re very close to the target design, some retooling was needed to remove excess flashing and mold lines. So the first real batch of cartridge shells should arrive later this month.

The good news is the extra time allowed us to keep testing and refining Biniax 2 to make it the best version possible. Note that this is Biniax 2, and yes, the original Biniax game is also included as a bonus on this cart!

So hang in there, Atari fans. New games are headed your way! Keep your eyes on this blog to find out right away when they’re released.

Happy gaming!