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2000 News

08/03/00 Big news: CM2:BT and Remant were both released to a horde of supportive Lynx fans at CGE2K in July. Both are now available direct from Songbird.

Rapid Fire Controllers for the Jaguar are now being offered by Songbird as well.

Lexis code which reveals hidden Galaxian game was released in ULM #9.

06/05/00 This is the Year of the Jag, with Soccer Kid, Hyper Force, BattleSphere, and Skyhammer all released! What a great time to be an Atari fan.

And Songbird is busier than ever, with cool games like Cybervirus, Remnant, and Championship Racing in the works for 2000...

Be sure to catch Songbird at CGE2K in Las Vegas during the last weekend of July!

03/02/00 BattleSphere #1 is now being auctioned off on ebay for close to $1000! The general release hopefully is not far behind...
02/01/00 is the new host for Songbird Productions. Hopefully this one will prove reliable!
01/17/00 Othello is coming for the Atari Lynx in February! Check out Video 61 for ordering information, and support this first new game for the Lynx in year 2000.
01/10/00 does not appear to be working. Please use in the meantime to reach Songbird Productions.

Protector is now shipping for the Atari Jaguar, and Soccer Kid is only a few weeks away!

CM2: Buried Treasure has officially entered beta test. Once all the current installation and runtime bugs have been squashed, look for this product to be released.

Look for more Lynx games from Songbird Productions in 2000! Details coming soon...

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