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1999 News

12/01/99 PROTECTOR pre-orders are shipping now. The remaining orders will over the next few weekends.

CM2: Buried Treasure is still scheduled for release, but some software glitches will prevent this product from being released in time for Christmas.

11/04/99 PROTECTOR will ship for the Jaguar in December!

CinciCon '99 takes place on Nov 5-7.

09/20/99 NEWS FLASH: New games are coming for the Atari Jaguar in 1999!

Sokomania is now available in the USA. Check the Songbird web site for details.

08/24/99 Lexis is now shipping for the Lynx. Check out the Songbird Productions for the catalog and order form.
08/02/99 The JagFest '99 video is now shipping. It includes clips of cool games such as Skyhammer, Protector, Total Carnage, and Virtual VCS (all Jaguar games). This is a great video of a fantastic event.

Check out the new and improved Songbird Productions web site. More previews of upcoming Songbird games are being added regularly!

Be sure to stop by the Songbird booth at CGE in Las Vegas on Aug 14-15!

06/28/99 Ponx is now available for purchase.

Songbird Productions has announced two NEW products for the Atari Lynx: Lexis and Crystal Mines II: Lost Caverns. These products will be released by Songbird at CGE in August.

06/01/99 Songbird Productions has announced NEW Lynx and Jaguar games, including Ponx and Skyhammer! See the company web page for more details.
05/06/99 Hasbro Interactive has disclosed plans to turn the Atari Jaguar into an open system, whereby any third-party developer will have the right to program, encrypt, and produce games for the system! This is FANTASTIC news! See the press release on AGH for further details.
04/14/99 SFX is announced for the Atari Lynx!
02/18/99 JagFest '99 is announced!
01/03/99 Expect more releases in 1999 than we had in 1998. More details soon.

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