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1998 News

12/15/98 As most of you know, I'm still having trouble getting the SFX carts produced. Please bear with me, and hopefully I will have better news by early January.

Expect more releases in 1999 than we've seen in 1998. More details soon.

10/30/98 Added my review of the new SIMIS cart.

For those of you awaiting SFX, thanks for your patience. The game is still a few weeks away from availability. I will update everyone when the carts are available.

10/09/98 The SFX carts are being produced, and should hopefully mail out by the end of the month.

Also, if you live in the USA and are interested in ordering the SIMIS cart, I am doing a group order to Germany. Email me today!

09/11/98 It's official, SFX will be published. Order your copy today!
09/02/98 I'm now accepting pre-orders for SFX!
08/25/98 Updated the PONX page.

SFX, PONX, TNT Terry, and Hyperdrome were all recently demoed at World of Atari '98. Thanks to Keita Iida for helping me make it possible for all those games to be demoed!

08/12/98 Updated the PONX and SFX pages.

Added a Games for Sale page.

Look for demos of unreleased and upcoming Lynx games at World of Atari '98!

08/05/98 ULM #8 is now available.

Added a Hyperdrome page!

07/27/98 Hardware section added to the main page, including a link to more info on the Lynx-TV adapter.
07/15/98 Bastian Schick has announced the soon release of a new multi-cart called S.I.M.I.S. Check out the S.I.M.I.S. home page for more details and screen shots. You won't want to miss out on this cool new cart!
06/29/98 I've hit a slight snag regarding some games that will be published in 1998. I will publish information as it becomes available.
06/08/98 The SFX pages have been updated!
05/20/98 The SFX pages have been updated!

Hang on, Lynx fans, I think we will see at least two new releases this year. More details to follow soon.

I haven't had time to do another issue of ULM... any suggestions for the next ULM spotlight?

03/20/98 1998 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the Lynx... stay tuned for a special announcement in the coming weeks.
03/10/98 ULM #7 is now available.
02/03/98 The PONX and SFX pages have been updated. The outlook is good for these games to be released in 1998!
01/09/98 ULM #6 is now available.

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