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1997 News

12/02/97 At long last, a PONX update!

Lexis is still delayed... stay tuned for details...

10/27/97 ULM #5 is now available.
09/08/97 Edward Castle has indicated that Lexis will be delayed due to circumstances beyond his control until November.

Check out the PONX link for a video clip! Bear in mind that this animated GIF is only showing you about every 10th frame; actual game play and animation is much smoother.


Preview copies of PONX, SFX, and the Planar Wars title screen were shown at JagFest and MIST. Response has been positive, with the most support behind Planar Wars.

Unfortunately, I have not had much time to work on Lynx projects for the last month... thus no updates to the Milestones lately. Once the weather turns cold, I'll probably have more time.


Look for a preview of my games at JagFest! But how can that be, since I won't be attending? :-)

Edward Castle has announced that Lexis will be shipping for the Lynx as early as September.

Raiden and Fat Bobby are both now available from Telegames.

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