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July 11, 2003

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ROCHESTER, MN -- The latest JagFest On Tour stop, dubbed JagFest @ CGE, will be held during the Classic Gaming Expo on August 9-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. JagFest organizer Carl Forhan had this to say about the event: "We're pulling out all the stops this year in an effort to create an exciting, memorable event. Jaguar and Lynx fans will absolutely have a blast at JagFest @ CGE."

Highlighting the event will be several brand new releases for the Jaguar and Lynx systems. Glenn Bruner, founder of Minuteman Productions, plans to release his "JAG-ADS" CD for the Jaguar CD at the show. This incredible, professionally-produced CD showcases nearly 60 minutes of Jaguar-related footage and commercials, all preserved in the best quality possible.

Songbird Productions announced plans to publish for the first time Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure in a cartridge format for the Lynx. This cartridge contains over 100 new levels for Crystal Mines II as well as all 181 of the original "classic" levels, and also includes enhanced support for downloading custom levels into Lynx RAM. "We've taken the work from the CM2:BT CD that was created a few years ago, and integrated these levels plus dozens more into a single Lynx cartridge, which makes the game more accessible for the average fan than having to download levels one at a time to the Lynx," said Songbird owner Carl Forhan. "Having original CM2 level designer/tester C. Scott Davis on board really helped this project reach the highest quality standards. The CM2 engine is so great because you can do so many new things with it that were never attempted in the original level set."

Other Jaguar developers such as Sinister Developments and Force Design also revealed plans to either demo or publish several upcoming games at JagFest @ CGE, including an all-new version of Painter, the surprise release Mad Bodies, and the highly-anticipated Gorf Pluz. Gordon Gibson and Scott Walters will be on hand to demo and discuss their latest developments. Familiar to Jaguar fans, but newcomer to the Lynx scene, is German developer Duranik, who plans to have their Fall 2003 release Alpine Games available for demo on the Lynx. A slew of other unreleased Jaguar and Lynx games such as Soul Star, Total Carnage, Eye of the Beholder, and more are planned to be demoed as well.

Not content to let the new releases dominate the show, Carl Forhan has arranged for some former Jaguar developers to be present for JagFest @ CGE, including Eric Nofsinger of High Voltage Software, who has worked on every Jaguar project at HVS including high profile games such as NBA Jam and unreleased games like Thea Realm Fighters and Dactyl Joust. Eric fondly described HVS as being "raised by Jaguars" back in those days, and will be presenting a keynote speech on the Jaguar era of HVS. Vince Valenti of JV Games, who developed Towers II for the Jaguar, will be in attendance as well.

JagFest @ CGE will mark the release of the first installment of the "Jungle Guide". The Jungle Guide is a series of articles featuring interviews, cheats, screens, and strategy guides, with a special emphasis on post-Atari games for the Lynx and Jaguar, all printed professionally on high quality glossy paper. Each installment will showcase multiple games for both systems; the first installment will include games such as Breakout 2000 and Championship Rally. Long-time Atari fan Kevin Manne has been intensely involved with this project and brought his trademark professional style to making the Jungle Guide a success. Carl Forhan, who has seen the articles and helped provide some content, commented "What's neat about these articles is they're not a simple rehash of existing material. The vast majority of content is brand new, including screens of hard-to-reach areas, strategy guides which have been almost nonexistant for these games, interviews with the developers, and so on. The Jungle Guide will be a must-read for diehard Jaguar and Lynx fans."

In addition, JagFest @ CGE will feature multiple Jaguar and Lynx tournaments. A Protector SE high score tournament will be validated and recorded by Twin Galaxies, the official electronic games scoreboard. A two-on-two NBA Jam tournament is also scheduled, and so is a free-for-all Championship Rally competition [note to fans: please bring your Lynx and games!]. Tournaments and prizes may vary based on personnel, equipment, and schedule.

Prizes will be awarded to tournament winners, and door prizes will be awarded to participating fans throughout the show. To participate in the door prize drawing and tournaments, and to receive a $5 coupon valid for merchandise at the Songbird Productions booth, simply mention "JagFest @ CGE" with your online advance ticket purchase, or at the door when you register for CGE. For more information on CGE, please visit .

Help make the jungle cats ROAR by participating in JagFest @ CGE this year!

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