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June 9, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions recently unveiled its plans for new products to be available at Classic Gaming Expo 2000, which will be held in Las Vegas at the Jackie Gaughan Plaza Hotel during July 29-30.

Topping off the list is the long-awaited release of Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure. This Win-95/98/00 software allows consumers to build, swap, and download new levels on their existing Crystal Mines II Lynx game cartridge. Over 50 brand new levels are included, as well as the original 150+ CM2 levels. Plus, it includes all the tools and documentation needed to help anyone get started designing their own levels. MSRP for CM2:BT is $29.95 for the CD, and $49.95 for the CD and Lynx-to-PC cable.

In an unexpected move, Songbird also announced the availability of a "CGE2K special edition" version of Remnant, the highly- anticipated 3D space combat game for the Lynx. "This is a game no Lynx fan should be without," commented Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird and the developer of Remnant. "It puts the Lynx into high gear -- from the explosions to the 3D scaling to the audio, Remnant sets a new standard for 'next generation' Lynx games." This special edition of Remnant is a complete game, and features more than a dozen sectors to clear in the Arcade play mode. A future version of Remnant is anticipated to include a Strategic play mode as well, where the player must repel enemy squadrons and protect friendly outposts. MSRP for Remnant is $39.95.

Not to leave Jaguar fans out, Songbird also has plans to offer for sale a new Rapid Fire Controller for the Atari Jaguar. Carl explained the benefits of the new controller: "Titles such as Zero 5 and Raiden are great games on the Jaguar, but can suffer from slow fire rates which force the player to mash buttons repeatedly. The RFC is simply a modified 18-button controller with a special circuit that allows the player to enable or disable multiple fire rates on the A and B buttons." The RFC has been tested by several individuals and received very favorable feedback so far. MSRP for the RFC is $39.95. Only limited quantities will be available for sale at CGE2K.

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