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Official PROTECTOR Playtester Page

Last updated: 11/02/99


(Updates in red )

Item Status
Add graphics/AI for new enemies 100%
Enhance AI for several existing enemies 100%
Enhance hyperspace controls 100%
Add more sound F/X 100%
Add new background tunes 100%
Add more background graphics 100%
Redesign existing levels 100%
Balance the power-up/cost relationships 100%
Add power-ups 100%
Alter "shop" access 100%
Add ProController support 100%
Add saved game feature 100%
Update credits 100%
Update copyright info 100%
Overall gameplay 100%

Latest News

PROTECTOR is officially *finished.* Have a nice day, and especially have fun playing this game in December '99!



PROTECTOR is a game that has been revived from certain death and now has the opportunity to be completed and published on the Atari Jaguar.

So, what is PROTECTOR? To be honest, yes, the game is fundamentally a Defender clone. But we already have D2K, right? What could PROTECTOR possibly offer Jaguar fans?

I believe PROTECTOR will appeal to anyone looking for the classic gameplay associated with the original Defender, but with enhanced graphics, sounds, and new enemies to battle. Whether or not you're a fan of Defender Plus or Defender 2000, if you enjoy Defender and want a game loaded with nonstop action and massive doses of replayability, PROTECTOR is for you.

What are some features of the game?

Here are a few features:

  • Rendered enemies with sharp animation
  • Rendered explosions with the added bonus of particle shatter effects
  • Power-ups to purchase additional equipment and energy for your ship
  • 3+ layers of parallax scrolling
  • 60 FPS 90% of the time or better
  • Over 100 simultaneously active objects
  • Enhanced audio effects, including digitized voices
  • In-game music via a MOD player
  • Lots of new enemies, including ground-based turrets, missile launchers, meteors, and more!
  • 40+ levels of nonstop fun!

Who's coding/publishing the game?

I (Carl Forhan) have obtained the rights to the complete source and graphics, and have set about finishing the game. At this point, I'd estimate the game is 80% finished, and is currently in a fully-playable state. I have both the equipment and skills necessary to complete this game, and have already improved some areas such as adding ProController support and additional animation for the humanoids.

I will find a publisher for the game when completion draws near.

What's left to finish?

  • Level layouts / difficulty adjustments
  • Power-up awards / costs
  • Additional enemies
  • Additional graphic frames
See the milestone chart above for more details.

It sounds cool, but can I see it for myself?

Some screen shots are provided above, and you should check out AGH for many more pictures.

Mark Santora has graciously offered to include a video clip from PROTECTOR in his upcoming World of Atari '98 video in the spirit of wanting to support current Jaguar projects. You should strong ly consider picking up this video!

Also, check out the Official PROTECTOR Playtester Page for screen shots and another video clip and other goodies.

Parting words

In summary, I believe PROTECTOR retains the classic feel of Defender and builds on that foundation with animated graphics, more enemies and level variety, and enhanced audio. The game will not revolutionize the Jag, but it will offer a strong 2D game f or the Jaguar in the tradition of Raiden and Defender Plus.

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