AirCars Review

AirCars Review

Original article may be found in Next Generation, July 1995 issue on page 68
Publisher: Midnite Entertainment Group, Inc. (MEGI)
Developer: MEGI
Size: 16 Mbits (cart)
Release Date: June 1995
AirCars is one of the first titles to utilize the Catbox, Atari's new networking hardware, enabling linkups to eight Jaguar systems together for multiplayer gaming.

In order to create a multi-player enviroment, however, there is a downside. It is necessary to have not only one CatBox unit for each player (eight players,eight CatBoxes), but also a separate monitor, a separate copy of AirCars, and a separate Jaguar, which complicates and raises the tab on things a bit.

The game itself is a search-and destroy-type mission played with the now familiar first-person perspective. The vehicle is a tank-like hovercraft which moves smoothly over the hilly landscapes; and, aside from the fluid and somewhat realistic feeling of motion, there is nonetheless, little to be excited about. AirCars is a good attempt in many ways, but it doesn't quite make the grade in a few vital categories including, most notably, graphics -- which are simplistic and lacking in any particular variety.

There was a picture of a radar station about to blow up with "In AirCars, the rule is to shoot everything, and if it blows up, then it was not your friend to begin with" as a caption. They gave the game three stars (***) meaning "Good -- a solid and competive example of an established game style."

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