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May 24, 1997 Rockford, IL - ICD, Inc. is pleased to announce a limited release of Aircars for the Atari Jaguar.

Aircars was developed by the MidNite Entertainment Group and completed in 1995. It was reviewed by several game magazines but with a less than enthusiastic press response and company financial difficulties, it was held up and never published.

The game is set in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. Your job is to pilot an Aircar, to pick up weapons, and destroy key installations within each complex (base). Then teleport to the next base and repeat. There are at least 28 bases which must be neutralized in order to save the new world.

Aircars supports up to 8 players networked by ICD's CatBox. It also supports Atari's Jaglink in a 2 player mode. The networking code is solid and works reliably. Each player is allowed to select an 8 character name and is assigned a different colored Aircar. There are also robot Aircars and tanks in the game.

For the network modes, each Jaguar (player) requires an Aircars game cartridge and a CatBox.

Aircars will be produced in a standard Atari plastic cartridge shell with a full color cartridge label. The game manual will be printed in black & white. They will be shrinkwrapped together in a standard inner box without the normal outer box.

Aircars is available now at a cost of $59.95 plus $5 S&H in North America. Please book your orders now. Since this is a limited release and uses more expensive parts than production Jaguar cartridges, do not expect any price reductions. Our margins are very thin and Aircars will only be available for a limited time.

ICD will accept Visa or Mastercard and checks or Money Orders as long as supplies last. Contact ICD at 815-968-2228 ext 222, fax 815-968-6888, or EMAIL bcdinc@aol.com. See ICD's web pages at www.icd.com.

ICD, Inc.
1220 Rock Street
Rockford, IL 61101

Limited warranty: ICD will replace any defective cartridge within the first 30 days. Before sending any cartridge back, try cleaning the edge fingers with alcohol and a Q-tip and retrying the cartridge in your Atari Jaguar. This warranty is null and void if the cart label has been tampered with.

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