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Timestream: The Remnant

Timestream: The RemnantTM

About this Page:

The TIMESTREAM Traveller is a fan page for one of my favorite CCGs, TIMESTREAM: THE REMNANT. If you're a fan as well, and would like to discuss this game, please feel free to email me.

Game Synopsis:

TIMESTREAM: THE REMNANT is a fantastic new strategy trading card game of Biblical proportions. From the box: each player must travel back in time to the "Age of Apostles." Then journey to an ancient Biblical city and record an event of scriptural importance with a futuristic data cell card. Once completed, use the TIMESTREAM card to return to the future age and win the game.

Timestream: The Remnant

Quick Review:

This game is a lot of fun, and has some of the best artwork I've ever seen in a card game. But how's the gameplay? In a word: EXCELLENT. The strategy is deep, and the mechanic of allowing you to bring cards into play on one turn but generally not use them for launching a battle (called "targeting" in the game) keeps you planning several turns in advance.

The Christian theme of the game is very solid as well, but at the same time you don't need to be any kind of a Bible expert to enjoy this game. Kudos to Cahaba for pulling out all the stops on theme, artwork, and gameplay!

Rules and Strategy:

Timestream Jump Start Rules (PDF, 350KB)

Useful Links:

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Timestream: The Remnant


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