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April 28, 2000

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the first-ever programming contest for the Atari Lynx. Details are below.

~~ ALPE 2000 ~~


Atari fans and hobby developers,

Songbird is pleased to announce the first annual Atari Lynx Programming Competition. This is a great chance for both new and old developers to show their stuff by producing a cool game while competing not only against fellow developers but also a time limit and a binary size restriction.

Please contact with any questions, and watch for updates on ALPE 2000.

Official rules are as follows:


  1. Contest begins May 1, 2000, and ends August 1, 2000. Winners will be notified shortly thereafter.


  1. Submission must be a single load "BLL" compatible binary program. If the program does not run on a real Atari Lynx, the submission is considered invalid.
  2. Submission must be 32KB in size or smaller.
  3. Submission must be previously unpublished on the Atari Lynx platform, and must be free from any third party licensing issues.
  4. Submission should be in its "final form", and include title screens, development credits, music, audio, animation, gameplay, etc. as appropriate.
  5. Each submission should be sent via email to, and the email should include the author's email address and mailing address.
  6. Songbird has unrestricted rights to publish and distribute on the Atari Lynx platform only all entries submitted to Songbird. Intellectual property such as title, concept, and so on remain the property of the author but may be used royalty-free by Songbird on the Atari Lynx platform only.
  7. Complete source code must be provided to Songbird upon request. The respective authors retain full rights to use, modify, or distribute their source as desired upon the completion of the contest.
  8. All submissions must be free from excessive violence, obscenity, pornography, or other material deemed objectionable by Songbird.


  1. The author of each submission which is eventually published by Songbird on an Atari Lynx cartridge will receive a complimentary copy of said cartridge, plus a bonus Lynx prize as determined by Songbird.
  2. A "Best Small Program" prize may also be awarded for the best submission under 16KB in size, and a "Best Non-game" may be awarded for the best submission which is not a game but rather some sort of tool or utility.
  3. Songbird will award prizes based on completeness, audio-visual quality, originality, and gameplay/function. Prizes are as follows:
     Best Program:         $75 cash
     Runner-up:            $25 cash
     Best Small Program:   $25 cash
     (under 16KB in size)
     Best Non-game:        $25 cash
     Published Submission: free copy of the cartridge
                           plus a bonus
  4. Songbird reserves the right to not award one or more prizes if there are not sufficient quality entries in a given category. Note that a single submission is allowed to win more than one prize if appropriate.
  5. Songbird will be the sole judge of this competition, but reserves the right to contact non-participating third parties to also judge submissions. All decisions by Songbird are final.
  6. Winners will be notified by email only. Cash prizes must be claimed by September 1, 2000. Merchandise prizes will be awarded at the time of publication. Songbird is not responsible for internet malfunctions or email delivery failures.


  1. This competition will be voided (and rights to all submissions will revert to their respective authors) if there are not sufficient quality entries. Mulitple entries per person are acceptable, but at least 5 different individuals need to participate to make the contest worthwhile.
  2. Songbird Productions, its employees, and their families are not eligible to win any prizes.
  3. Songbird may void this contest at any time and without prior notice. Rights to all submissions will revert to their respective authors in this case.

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