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04/08/00 UPDATE: Release schedules have been updated. Order your copies of all the new Songbird Jaguar games today!

Now you can order with a credit card! See the FAQ below for details.

Songbird Productions is excited to announce new releases for the Atari Jaguar!

The following games will be published by Songbird Productions in the 1999 and 2000 timeframe:

Title Date Order Now? Retail Price
Protector 12/20/99 Yes $74.95
Soccer Kid 02/07/00 Yes $74.95
Hyper Force 04/10/00 Yes $74.95
Skyhammer 05/22/00 Yes $79.95

Information on all the above games can be found on the Songbird web site at Release dates subject to change without prior notice.

All games will have the look and feel of a regular Jaguar product, including a professionally printed full-color box and label, and a professionally printed B&W manual.


By November 1, 1999:

In order to ensure the correct number of cartridges are built, Songbird needs your pre-orders now. You can pre-order a game by sending Songbird Productions a $25 deposit towards each game you would like to purchase. If you desire multiple copies of each upcoming game, you need to pre-order each copy at this time to ensure availability. However, the pre-order specials only apply when ordering 3 or 4 different games, not multiples of the same game.

Pre-order 3 of the above games, and receive a $10 Songbird coupon which may be applied against any one eligible item from the Songbird catalog. Pre-order all 4 games, and receive two $10 Songbird coupons _and_ a free Jaguar lapel pin. Your pre-orders must be postmarked by November 1st, 1999, to qualify for these special offers.

This is a nonrefundable deposit towards the purchase of one or more of the above games. You must complete your order (in other words, pay your remaining balance with shipping, etc.) within 3 months of the publication date of each game.

Plus, pre-ordering guarantees you the lowest possible price on these products. Everyone who pre-ordered by Nov 1st guaranteed their games at $69.95 plus shipping each.

After November 1, 1999:

You can still pre-order games with a $25 deposit per game after November 1st, but you will not be eligible for the pre-order pricing or other discounts.

A pre-order FAQ is included below to answer any questions you may have. The most recent version of this FAQ may be found on


Please print out the regular Songbird order form on, and fill in the required information. Note that there is no tax or shipping on the pre-orders, although there will be as applicable when you complete the order for each game in the future. Mark each game as "PRE-ORDER" on the form, and include $25 per game you wish to pre-order.

In the event you cannot print out the order form, send a typed or neatly printed note to Songbird Productions and clearly indicate which games you are pre-ordering. Mail all correspondance to:

Songbird Productions
1774 10th Ave SE
Rochester, MN 55904


Q1. What can I use for payment of my pre-orders?

A1. You have four options for payment:

  • Personal/Business Check - Must be drawn on a USA bank. For customers living in the USA only.
  • Money Order - Must be in US Dollars, if not drawn on a USA bank then it must be in English and obtained from a Post Office. Include a $5 surcharge to cover bank fees. Available to all customers.
  • Credit Card (USA) - Click on the PayPal link above for fast, safe, and easy payment!
  • Credit Card (Other) - Pre-order the Jaguar games through Multimedia 1.0! Here's how it works:
    1. Check the Songbird catalog and see which items are marked with a '*' denoting credit card support.
    2. Call in your order to Multimedia 1.0 at 1-800-413-5823 from 12pm-6pm EST Mon-Fri, or fax your order to 212-529-3117 at any time. Please ask to speak with Steven for voice orders or put "ATTN: Steven" on your fax.
    3. Clearly identify your order right away as a "Songbird Productions" order.
    4. Provide your order, customer information, and credit card number to the Multimedia 1.0 sales representative.
    5. Your order will be forwarded to Songbird Productions for approval and handling.

    Alternatively, you may email your complete order, customer information, and credit card number to, and Songbird will forward your order to Multimedia for processing.

    Note that the charge on your credit card bill will be marked as having originated from Multimedia 1.0. This is correct, and a result of the service Multimedia 1.0 is willing to extend to Songbird Productions.

    For pre-orders on the upcoming Jaguar games, note that you will be charged $25 per game pre-ordered. Songbird will maintain a record of all such orders, but each customer will need to personally authorize the payment of the balance of each game as it gets close to the ship date.

    Songbird hopes to have secure online credit card processing available within the next few weeks, but that is not possible at this time.

Q2. I live outside the USA. Is there a way I can order close to home?

A2. Songbird is negotiating with several foreign video game dealers to ensure Songbird products will be available elsewhere, especially Europe. However, Songbird does accept international orders (see Q1 above), and you must pre-order the games to qualify for the special pre-order offer.

Q3. What if I change my mind? Can I get a refund on my pre-order, or apply the money to a different purchase from Songbird?

A3. No. The purpose of the pre-order program is to reward customers by providing them with several benefits including the $10 Songbird coupons, and to allow Songbird to accurately acquire all the parts, printed material, etc. necessary to release the upcoming games.

Therefore, each customer needs to send exactly $25 per game they wish to pre-order. This is a nonrefundable deposit per game, and cannot be shifted to other Songbird merchandise at a later time.

Q4. What items are eligible for the $10 Songbird coupons if I pre-order 3 or more games?

A4. All items listed in the Songbird catalog and regularly priced $14.95 or above are eligible, except for the following:

Lynx Serial Cable
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure
Soccer Kid
Hyper Force

Additionally, Songbird 'featured items' advertised in the newsgroup or on the AtariNews mailing list will also be eligible. Featured items are not normally listed in the Songbird catalog.

Only one coupon may be applied per item. Other items may be deemed ineligible without prior notice. Send an email query to if you have questions about a specific product, or check this FAQ at for the latest information.

Q5. When will I receive my $10 Songbird coupon(s)? How long do I have to use them?

A5. You will receive your coupons with the first game you have pre-ordered. For example, if you pre-order all 4 games, your two $10 Songbird coupons will arrive when Protector ships. The coupons will be valid for at least two or three months from the time your first pre-ordered game ships.

Q6. Why even bother pre-ordering? Can't I just get the game whenever I want?

A6. Not likely. Pre-ordering a game is the _only_ way to ensure a copy will be reserved for you. Songbird will be producing _very_ close to the pre-order levels. It's therefore imperative that customers pre-order now _every_ upcoming Jaguar game they plan on purchasing.

Here is a summary of benefits for pre-ordering by Nov 1st:

  • Guarantees your personal copy of each game.
  • Guarantees pre-order pricing of only $69.95 plus shipping each.
  • Game will ship 1-2 weeks before other orders.
  • One or two $10 Songbird coupons, if you pre-order 3 or 4 games, respectively.
  • A free Jaguar lapel pin if you pre-order all 4 games.

Here is a summary of benefits for pre-ordering after Nov 1st:

  • Guarantees your personal copy of each game.
  • Game will ship 1-2 weeks before other orders.

The pre-order period typically expires at least one month prior to the release of each game. This allows Songbird sufficient time to build the appropriate number of cartridges to meet the pre-order demand.

Q7. Can I pay the entire balance for [insert game here] right now?

A7. No. Songbird is trying to estimate accurately the number of cartridges that need to be manufactured for all 4 games. It is important that all games you plan on purchasing are pre-ordered now. You will have an opportunity to pay your remaining balance as announced by Songbird closer to the actual release date of each game.

Your pre-order payment will therefore ensure your copy of the game is produced and reserved just for you.

Q8. Why are all the games priced at $XX.XX? Isn't that rather high?

A8. Songbird is attempting to bring new products out to a very small niche market. It is imperative that games are priced appropriately to cover the high costs of printing and manufacturing associated with the publication of a new game, particularly if actual sales do not match projected sales.

Finally, the level of compensation received by Songbird will help determine the viability of licensing or developing new products for Atari platforms in the future.

Q9. How can I stay informed on the release dates, payment schedules, new Songbird products, etc.?

A9. Please join the AtariNews mailing list, featuring Songbird updates and the AtariNews: On the Prowl periodic newsletter. Send a blank email to: to join the list.

Also, regularly check the Songbird Productions home page at for the latest news and version of this FAQ.

Q10. What packaging are you using for the new games?

A10. All games will have professionally printed boxes, labels, and manuals. The manuals are B&W, the labels and boxes are in full color. Jaguar fans should be very pleased with the presentation of the final product.

Q11. What about [insert question here]?

A11. Please email Songbird Productions at with any questions or feedback about upcoming products or the pre-order program. Please be patient, as Songbird is currently experiencing a high volume of traffic due to the upcoming Jaguar and Lynx products.



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