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Atari Lynx Programming Extravaganza

Welcome to the ALPE 2000 web page! Here you will find lots of cool information about all the contestants and submissions for ALPE 2000.

The results are finally in -- Password has won first place in the competition. However, due to the total overall lack of finished game entries, the author has requested that any prizes be saved for a possible ALPE 2001 submission. All entries therefore remain the properties of their respective authors, and may be resubmitted in ALPE 2001.

See the Press Release section on the left for information about the rules and prizes for ALPE 2000.


Title Category Author Screenshots
Zow Non-game Harry Dodgson
Command: Starship 32KB game Thomas Harte
Password 16KB game Karri Kaksonen
Swingbird 32KB game Karri Kaksonen
Distant Lands 32KB game Chris Vick


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